What does it mean to be an inspirational leader? Contrary to popular belief, being an inspirational leader doesn’t require celebrity status, a rags-to-riches story, an impressive title, or even poignant speeches or newsworthy accomplishments. True inspirational leadership is more a matter of character than achievement, experienced by individuals on a personal level more than recognized by society on the world stage.

In Be An Inspirational Leader, author Dan Nielsen portrays the incredible impact of inspirational leadership on your personal, professional, and organizational success. He draws on the experience and expertise of dozens of highly successful leaders, sharing proven principles and strategies to help equip you to become a more effective inspirational leader who engages, inspires, and empowers people, improves organizations, and positively impacts the world.



Inspirational leadership changes everything!

your life – your work – your relationships – your success


“Inspirational leadership is about inspiring people to achieve at their highest performance level.” – Sandy Morford, CEO, Renovo Solutions


“An inspirational leader is one who creates an environment where others want to work and excel in the role that they have as part of that team.” – Bruce Lawrence, President and CEO, INTEGRIS Health


“An inspirational leader inspires others across many dimensions, encouraging them to take action.” – Curtis Rooney, Founder & CEO, Glen Echo Strategies


“When I think of inspirational leadership, I think of a leader who is fairly selfless… they’re not doing it for their own careers or for their own wellbeing.” – Mark Dixon, President, The Mark Dixon Group


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